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We build integrations, apps and custom software.

Payment Integration

Accept additional payment services, Visa, PayPal, Afterpay or even Bitcoin.

Analytics and Tracking

Integrate Google Analytics and Motomo to track which advertising sources are the most cost efficient for your company as well as implementing A/B testing on your site to help drive conversions.

Cloud Hosting

Deploy on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS as well as Digital Ocean. Pick the best cloud solution for your needs and migrate your current server to the cloud.

Online Marketing

We can help you run ads on Google and Facebook as well as give tips on updating the flow of your page for better conversions.

Web Development

WordPress websites that look good on both desktop and mobile. Use Laravel and React for more complex web projects where heavy customization is called for.

E-Commerce Solutions

Integrate E-Commerce into your site with Shopify and PayPal. This lets you take PayPal, Visa and Afterpay payments with online inventory management.

Mobile Applications

iOS and Android apps with Cordova or React Native as well as pure iOS apps with Swift.

Software Development

Deploy back-end systems or desktop software in PHP, Python and C#. Fix issues in MySQL and SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) database management.

IT Consulting & Strategy

Consultations are free so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone if you’re wondering where to go next.

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Used these guys to build out a great lead management system that does automated marketing too.

Still running, has been bulletproof.

David White Fuellox

We've been working with EasierIT for the past year or so. Mircea is very informative, dedicated and focused on supporting us. Our needs are quite complex and EasierIT have been able to support us in many areas of our system, and development of our products and services.

Attila Veigh Trade Direct 365

Mircea is fast reliable and super easy to work with! We work together on numberous projects. Strongly recommend him!

Ashley Kemp JAKL Services Pty Ltd

I found Mircea, to be a very knowledgeable, professional and obliging person to deal with both on a professional and personal level.

He has a very strong work ethic and provides a great service.

EasierIt helped us greatly in our automation setup. Has made things a lot easier for us, saving us a lot time.

How can you benefit?

How would you benefit from our help? Consider the following.

You run a business, where customers buy your product and you deliver it to them. Right now how do you keep track of who’s placed an order, who’s paid for their order, what goods are in transit and who’s received their items? If you’re anything like many businesses it’s likely that this involves a spreadsheet and someone manually tallying the items every day. We’ve helped several clients automate their inventory management with sales automatically subtracting from available stock, being marked as pending against the address (if they’re being shipped out) and against the buyer details for physical goods immediately as their status changes. With our help businesses have been able to drastically cut down on idle stock and uncollected invoices and we can do the same for you by working with you to put together an easy to use automatic system or integrate an off the shelf interface into your business management.

Let’s have an example. Say that you specialize in renting out portable equipment. Right now you have several hundred items in circulation and another fifty or so in stock. At this point it’s very likely that at least some of your devices are not where you think they are, either with customers who are hopefully bringing them back, or behind a door in the storage room and out of sight and mind. How much more helpful would it be if your rented equipment automatically updated an online spreadsheet the moment it left the block your building is on and every few hours with its exact position. If we know when the unit leaves and comes back and who has it we can calculate the time charged automatically.. and at that point we may as well link the system to some billing software (Xero, PayPal, Invoicely) and send out the invoices and reminders as well. How much paperwork would that save?

It’s not just sales as well, programmers have been automating every part of work for decades, and modern tools make this even easier. Many of our older customers have been coming back to us to see how we can automate their business practices to insure that they’re correctly charging for their services and keeping track of all stock going out the door.

Graeme Morris Dentucare

Thank you for the amazing transformation you have given my website. Very knowledgable and friendly all the way. Prompt delivery is also greatly appreciated.

Mariska Wiese Beachfront Towers

Always there if we need a hand! Very good in IT issues and website development!

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