Cyber Security

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Protecting computers, mobile phones, networks and  servers from various malicious attacks is called Cyber Security. Also called Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security, Cyber Security has become an important topic to understand in today’s world. Cyber Security being a versatile topic can be divided into 5 different categories :-

  1. Network Security
  2. Cloud Security
  3. Internet of Things Security
  4. Application Security
  5. Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Let us understand these concepts in a little detail:-

  1. Network Security:- In simple words, Network security protects  our network and data from various risks like breaches. These days, every person has a wi-fi connection at his/her house and this network is always at a risk of being misused. So, this is the reason it is of utmost importance to have Network Security always. It significantly reduces the danger of compromised data or any sort of theft or loss.
  2. Cloud Security:– Also known as Cloud Computing, it is basically a tool to protect cloud based platforms from any sort of risks. Many big companies and organizations these days for example Amazon uses Cloud Platforms for its customers and hence it becomes very important to protect the information stored by the customers using these applications and this is where cloud security come to work.
  3. Internet of Things Security:- Internet of things is being majorly used today in smart cars, home automation etc. The first IOT was invented in the 1980s which was a coca cola vending machine devised by Kevin Ashton. Now, many years have passed and the technology has obviously grown significantly and because of that the security concerns have multiplied as well. So, by simple definition the protection of the devices which use the IOT technology, IOT Security was devised.
  4. Application Security:- It is actually a very easy to understand concept. As the name suggests, application security is the process of securing the apps from various viruses, hacking etc. and making app usage a safe experience for the people. Most of the process of Application security takes place at the development stage of an app. Rigorous testing while building an app takes place to take care of any bug which can raise any concern in the future.
  5. Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity:- It is actually a very important aspect of Cyber Security. Critical infrastructure cybersecurity includes the protection of actual physical assets which are fundamental for our society from various breaches. A very strong team of professionals is appointed for this aspect of Cyber Security.


With the advancement of technology, the risks which come along are also advancing that too at a very high rate. Cyber threats have become a common phenomenon in the world today and no doubt the professionals have been trying their best to handle the situation. According to the numbers, Asia Pacific gets the most number of cyber threats accounting to 25%. Japan is the most attacked country in the world, followed by India in the second place and then Australia takes the third place in this regard. On the other hand, China accounts for the largest number of hackers in the whole world.


There are basically three types of cyber threats which are as followed:-

  1. Cyber Crime
  2. Cyber Attack
  3. Cyber  Terrorism

Let us understand them in a little detail:-

  1. Cyber crime:- It is a crime that involves the usage of a computer device to commit various fraudulent activities. It is also called computer crime. The motive behind this many times is to get financial gains.
  2. Cyber Attack:- As the name suggests, it is literally like an attack on the computer systems for various reasons like to steal their data and misuse them. It is often used as a tool in politics when things get dirty.
  3. Cyber Terrorism:- It is a very serious crime as is mostly used to instill fear in the minds of general public.





Lat us understand them in a little detail:-

  • MALWARE:- It is also known as malicious software. It can basically damage various devices, get an unauthorized access to them and can be proven harmful in many ways. Malware is actually one of the most common threat on the internet these days and it has different types like WORMS, VIRUSES, BOTS AND BOTNETS etc.
  • PHISHING:- What happens in phishing is a very authentic looking email is sent to the people asking for confidential information. The email looks so legitimate that people fall for that and get in the trap.
  • SQL INJECTION:- This type of attack is used by the hackers so that they can steal information from the databases. Apps are used and malicious codes are inserted through SQL so that they can access information which is confidential.
  • MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK:- When a cyber attacker positions himself in a communication between two people, it is called man in the middle attack. The main motive behind this attack is to steal information from them which obviously can harm those people.
  • DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK:- This is when a cyber criminal prevents a computer or a device from fulfilling an action which is actually important for its functioning and hence failing the system to work properly. This actually ends up making the whole system unusable and a waste.

So, these were some of the few techniques used by hackers to breach the security and fulfill their selfish motives.



  • We should always use very strong and complex passwords which are difficult to crack.
  • We should avoid using public wi-fi networks as these networks carry a high degree of risk for being compromised.
  • We should avoid opening at all cost the links on emails from unknown websites even if the website looks authentic because protection is always better than curse.
  • We should buy anti virus software from trusted companies and keep updating them as they have proven to be very useful.

If you follow these little tips, you can protect yourself from these cybercrimes and live a stress free life from this aspect.